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Seatbelt Projects

Retractor Durability Cycler

Environmental Retractor Cycler

Buckle Durability Cycler

Extraction Effort Measurement

Laboratory Acceleration Sled

Production Acceleration Sled

Tensile Testing

Tongue Tilt Lock Tester

Seatbelt Webbing Cutter

Dust Chamber

Other Projects

Power Steering Pump Test Stand

Torque Converter Tester

16 Channel Data Acquisition

Heater Core Leak Tester


Seatbelt Webbing Cutter


3 stations - 2 independent closed-loop servo motors control 3 stations. All stations are run simultaneously to cut webbing at lengths up to 5000 mm in length.

Hot Knife - A heated knife is used to make the cut. After cutting, the webbing ends are rolled to provide a finished edge to each cut. Temperature sensors are used to ensure that the heaters do not overheat.

Catch Tray - Each station has a tray for holding the webbing while it is being cut. After a cut is made, the webbing is blown off of the tray onto the table beneath for easy unloading.

Splice Detection - Sensors can detect a splice in the webbing roll to prevent splices from accidentally being added to the final part.

Accuracy - Accurate to 5.0 mm or 0.5% of total length, whichever is greater.


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