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Seatbelt Projects

Retractor Durability Cycler

Environmental Retractor Cycler

Buckle Durability Cycler

Extraction Effort Measurement

Laboratory Acceleration Sled

Production Acceleration Sled

Tensile Testing

Tongue Tilt Lock Tester

Seatbelt Webbing Cutter

Dust Chamber

Other Projects

Power Steering Pump Test Stand

Torque Converter Tester

16 Channel Data Acquisition

Heater Core Leak Tester


Laboratory Acceleration Sled


Standards Compliance - The machine meets the FMVSS 209 & ECE R16 seatbelt testing standards and can display the FMVSS corridor on the graph screen.

Closed-Loop Servo - Our sleds use closed-loop servo electric motors for all motion control. Sled acceleration utilizes a linear motor for part accelerations up to 2.0 G (increased sled acceleration up to 5.0 G is also available). The webbing may be accelerated up to 10.0 G.  

Light Curtain Safety - There's no door to open or close. Instead, a light curtain is used to automatically turn off power to the motors if it is obstructed. This makes it easy to access the sled and also offers a clear line of sight for high-speed cameras all without compromising the safety of the operator.

Tilt and Rotate - You can perform completely automated tests including tilt lock/unlock and lock device checks at any direction of rotation without stopping to perform time-consuming fixture and part orientation adjustments. The machine is capable of rotating 360 and tilting to 45 (increased tilting capability is also available).


Touchscreen - Oversized items on the screen allow all machine operations to be performed using the standard touchscreen display.

Software Filtering - Each channel may be passed through a software low-pass filter to minimize noise on the sampled data. CFC-60 & CFC-180 filters are provided along with user customized filters with adjustable cut off frequencies.

Incremental Testing - You can create tests that perform conditional incrementing of the acceleration, stowed webbing, onset, or lock check position. These tests can be used to analyze part characteristics such as minimum locking acceleration level at various amounts of stowed webbing.

Validation Checks - Tests can be created that allow you to specify 'pass/fail' criteria and show the results on the screen and report printout.

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