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Extraction Effort Measurement

Extraction Effort Test Stand

This machine is used to measure the load required to extract and retract webbing on a seatbelt retractor.


Closed Loop Servo Motor - Extraction lengths of up to 2000 mm are possible moving at a rate of 1 - 200 mm/s.

Load Measurement - A 50 pound load cell is provided with overload protection and a custom designed webbing clamp.

Adjustable Test Setup - Manual motor controls are provided to allow the extraction arm to be set between 0 and 90. The retractor mounting shelf may also be moved up or down to adjust the position of the retractor relative to the d-ring. These settings are then monitored and displayed by the computer.



Touchscreen - Oversized buttons and controls allow all machine operations to be performed using the standard touchscreen display.

Repeatable Testing - The software prompts the operator for the correct angle and test part orientation and verifies that the test is properly setup. 

Corridors - Limit corridors may be created for comparing the load readings to specifications. The computer will display a message indicating if the sampled load is within the limits.

Optional Electrical Output - A 14 volt output may be turned on and off at programmable positions during the test.


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