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Seatbelt Projects

Retractor Durability Cycler

Environmental Retractor Cycler

Buckle Durability Cycler

Extraction Effort Measurement

Laboratory Acceleration Sled

Production Acceleration Sled

Tensile Testing

Tongue Tilt Lock Tester

Seatbelt Webbing Cutter

Dust Chamber

Other Projects

Power Steering Pump Test Stand

Torque Converter Tester

16 Channel Data Acquisition

Heater Core Leak Tester


Retractor Durability Cycler

This machine is used for performing durability tests on seatbelt retractors. We also make an environmental version of this machine.



6 stations - 2 independent closed-loop servo motors control 3 stations each. Each station may be automatically declutched to allow other stations to continue testing when one part fails.

Webbing Lock & Loose Belt Detection - Proximity sensors are provided on each station to detect when the retractor locks or if there is a reduction in the belt tension. The software may be programmed to monitor and log the occurrence of these conditions and can optionally stop the test.

Impact simulation - Pneumatic controlled sleds are used to simulate vehicle impact of 1.0 G (0.25 G). Each motor may be programmed to simulate webbing acceleration up to 5.0 G.

Programmable Waveshapes - Each step of the test may be programmed to use either a Sine, Constant Velocity (up to 4500 mm/s) or Acceleration movement. A specialized abuse test is also provided that does a low-level webbing acceleration up to a given velocity and then accelerates the webbing at 5.0 G.



Auxiliary Electrical and Pneumatic Outputs - Connections are provided to allow additional features to the testing process. The software can be programmed to control these outputs at various steps in the testing process.

Various Reporting Styles - Error and machine events are logged in a file during a test. This data may be formatted as event, summary or batch reports for viewing and printing.

Prelock Detection - The software will detect and attempt to correct premature locks during the test. The prelock errors are counted and added to the test report.

Touchscreen - Oversized buttons and controls allow all machine operations to be performed using the standard touchscreen display.

Flexible Test Construction - Each test is built by breaking the test down into steps and saved to a file. These parameter files may be linked together to produce a testing sequence.


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