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Seatbelt Projects

Retractor Durability Cycler

Environmental Retractor Cycler

Buckle Durability Cycler

Extraction Effort Measurement

Laboratory Acceleration Sled

Production Acceleration Sled

Tensile Testing

Tongue Tilt Lock Tester

Seatbelt Webbing Cutter

Dust Chamber

Other Projects

Power Steering Pump Test Stand

Torque Converter Tester

16 Channel Data Acquisition

Heater Core Leak Tester


Dust Chamber

This machine extends and retracts the webbing while dust is agitated in the chamber.



  • Designed to FMVSS209 and SAE J386 specifications

  • Programmable controller  with LCD touch screen

  • 3 retractor testing capability

  • Adjustable air pressure regulator (550 55 kPa) 

  • Pneumatic cylinder with flow controls for webbing extraction/retraction cycling (203 mm travel)

  • Test event timer programmable to 10 hours

  • Pneumatic solenoid valve and dust orifice for dust agitation (orifice diameter 1.5  0.1 mm)


2009 VSR technologies